Memory Page

Losing a pet is like losing a member of your family and it can be really tough. This page is for you to leave a remembrance of your beloved pets. 



10 thoughts on “Memory Page

  1. Bessie Woods “Winsome Fairlady” said goodbye just this morning. We are bereft and taking comfort only that you are over rainbow bridge with Ed and Mary. Sleep well sweet girl, run fast and free x

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  2. missed but never forgotten most recent pets the time had come to say goodbye
    brother and sister shadow and treacle coleman two very beautiful cats! grew up with them and could never replace them
    Remembing coming home waiting for them to be at the door meowing at me to get in sometimes you wonder what there thinking something like ‘maybe if I had a key’ pitter patter of there paws across my heart forever love them lots and miss them loads my little angels forever in our hearts❤️

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  3. God bless you Soph, you were a dear friend and a star. It was the hardest decision to make, but we know you are no longer suffering. Miss you every day
    Lots of love xxx

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  4. I love you, my Freddie-The-Great, who left us just yesterday. I can’t believe such a little old fellow can leave such a gap. I can’t stop crying at random times. Love you, miss you, always and forever. I hope you can run again now. Xxx

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    1. My darling little monkey, we miss you so much! I bet your running every other cat halvok up there hehe, we miss you very much and love you dearly 💙 Goodnight monkey xxxx

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  5. Missing our dear little Yorkie Rudi who left us 6/01/20 A great little character and a mascot for our Boules Group till the end…..keep chasing the squirrels lovely boy in your new place xxx


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