Pet Health Club

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Pet Health Club

Southill Vets are pleased to introduce our Pet Healthcare Plan. This scheme is specifically designed to help provide essential routine preventative veterinary care throughout the year at an affordable and substantially discounted rate. It also enables you to spread the cost of this comprehensive service over 12 regular budget monthly instalments.

The Pet Health Club Includes The Following:

  • Annual vaccinations (Dogs – including distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis and Lepto 4. Cats – including feline enteritis, influenza and leukaemia. Rabbits – including myxomatosis and viral haemorrhagic disease).
  • Worming medication ( as recommended by the BSAVA for the protection of both your pet and your family throughout the year).
  • All year round Flea, Mite and Tick control.


In Addition, Signing Up For The Healthcare Plan Entitles You To The Following Offers:

  • Discounts off the cost of Neutering, Microchips for just £10, Dental treatment , Dental products, additional Vaccinations (Kennel Cough, Rabies), additional parasite control, routine blood pressure monitoring and pre-anaesthetic and routine blood screening/urine analysis.
  • FREE Nursing clinics (including Dental check-ups, Puppy Parties, claw clips,  Juvenile Checks and Weight Clinics).

The Benefits of being a member of the Pet Health Club:

Ensuring The Best Possible Healthcare For Your Pet

  • When you sign up to the scheme you will be provided with a comprehensive program of vaccinations and anti-parasitic products.

Saving Money!!

  • money-savingMembers will save money, with 10% discounts off the cost of vaccinations and worming/flea products.
  • Members will benefit from further discounts on a range of other preventative healthcare products           ( Elective dental procedures / additional vaccines / additional parasite control / blood pressure monitoring / routine blood screening).

Spreading the cost

  • It allows members to break up the cost of this comprehensive preventative healthcare program into 12 monthly payments, making it easier for you to budget for your pets healthcare and making it more affordable.
  • It helps you provide essential routine care for your pet, which is all part of being a responsible pet owner.
  • You save money on the cost of treatments and services that keep your pet healthy and happy.
  • You can spread the cost of routine care by convenient monthly Direct Debits, making it easier to manage.


Fantastic additional Membership Benefits include:

  • Discounts off the cost of neutering (10%), Microchips for just £10, routine/elective dental procedures (10%), additional parasite control products (10%), Dental products (10%), routine blood pressure monitoring and pre-anaesthetic / senior pet blood and urine screening (10%), Royal Canin life stage diets (5%).
  • A 6 monthly check with one of our nurses to check your pets weight, health and suitability of the products we offer. We can also administer worming tablets at no extra cost.
  • Free nursing clinics (including dental check-ups, juvenille checks, weight clinics, and more) up to 4 times a year!



*If you would like to join our Pet Health Club then please pop in to your nearest branch and we can arrange this for you. Alternatively click this link and you can now sign up online: