Southill Vets – a history

27971990_10155358467212333_3921951175194955560_nThere has been a Veterinary Practice in Wincanton since the end of the nineteenth century, though most of the early history is unwritten.In 1935 Mr Auld moved to Wincanton from Scotland and was very experienced in equine and cattle.The Practice grew during the late 1930’s and continued to expand during the war and Wincanton became the centre of an important dairy production area.
Mr Auld worked almost entirely on his own and after the war, Veterinary graduates were thin on the ground and only part time help was available. In the 1950’s Mr Hartley joined Mr Auld and helped with the Veterinary work and also tuberculin testing, which had now become universal.
Mr Hudson became a partner in 1962 and also an assistant arrived, making the practice stronger, especially with the new scheme for Brucellosis eradication, which meant blood sampling every animal in the area several times a year.
All this time the Practice was run from one room, which housed all the drugs, records, and a table and two chairs.
The Partner’s wives were constantly on duty to take messages, drug requests and a few telephone calls.
By the 1960’s there was a steady flow of enquiries about illness in pets.Luckily, Mr Auld, had purchased all of the buildings at Southill, so expansion was not difficult. A waiting room/office and consulting/operating room were opened in the 1970’s and has since expanded to what we see today.
Although it was originally thought ‘we could expand no further’, we have since started a new extension to the existing premises, which was opened by Valerie Singleton on 28th April 2018.



Southill, Wincanton – Today