Time To Say Goodbye

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There comes a time when we have to say goodbye to our much loved pet, and here at Southill we want to assure you that we will provide you and your pet with care, comfort and above all understanding.

We can carry out euthanasia at most of our branches but if needed, we can arrange a home visit for you.

**( Please be aware that in the current climate we will regretfully be unable to perform home visits due to Covid-19 and social distancing)

Please telephone our surgery to discuss further details and to arrange an appointment, where one of our compassionate team will be happy to help you.

How will I know if it’s the right time?

This can be the hardest question for you to answer. Euthanasia will become necessary when an animal is injured seriously, too poorly or too elderly to enjoy a good quality of life. In many situations, euthanasia can be the kindest thing that you can do for your pet. All of our staff here at Southill are more than happy to discuss these issues with you.

Please remember that some conditions that may seem impossible to treat, may in fact be treatable or managed, so please talk to your veterinary surgeon before making a final decision.

It will be your decision, but we do advise you to discuss this with your vet and family.

Where will it take place?

Your local practice is where we routinely put animals to sleep. Here at Southill we understand that this can be a very difficult time, so we allow a longer appointment so that you do not feel rushed at any point.

If you would prefer your pet to be put to sleep at home then this is something that we can do. Talk to our reception team who will organise this for you.

Do I need to stay with my pet during the procedure?

This is entirely up to you and there is no right or wrong answer. Many owners stay with their pets so that they can reassure them and be there for them at the end of their life. Owners can feel that seeing their pet pass away peacefully gives them reassurance and comfort. If you don’t stay then that is completely fine and your decision and please do not feel any pressure to do so. We will reassure your pet and comfort them as if they were our own.

Are you worried about getting upset? Please don’t be. This is completely understandable and we would not want you to not be with your pet because of this.

What happens?

The vet will talk you through what will happen and make you aware of the multiple options that we have available if the procedure is not straight forward or if you have concerns.

The vet will often be joined by a nurse to assist with the procedure.

An area of fur will be clipped on your pets leg. An intravenous catheter will often be placed and secured. From here we are ready for the procedure to take place. The injection will go into the catheter site or directly into the vein. Once the injection is being administered your pet will relax and fall asleep very quickly. Once the injection has been given the vet will check your pets chest and confirm their passing over Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately they do not close their eyes,so please be aware that this is normal.

What happens afterwards?

We can arrange, if you wish, for your pet to be cremated. There are two options available: They can be communally cremated with no ashes returned, or we can arrange for your pet to be ‘individually’ cremated. They will be cremated on their own and their ashes returned to you in a casket, urn,¬† scatterbox or a number of other vessels. We use PCS crematorium in West Stour, which many of our staff members have visited, and you can rest assured that your pet will be treated with dignity and compassion at all stages.

Some of the options available:-

If you would like to have a look at all that PCS offer then please visit their website www.pcsonline.org.uk


The Blue Cross run a wonderful Pet Bereavement Support Service as do The Ralph Site. If you feel that you are struggling to cope with the loss of your pet and need to talk to somebody: Click on the images below to find out more.