Worm & Flea Treatments



Regular flea and worming preventative treatment is essential to your pets health and also yours too. Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs can all pick up fleas and worms and these can affect not only them, but also our family and home.

Fleas can be persistent if not kept on top of with regular treatments to your pet. Fleas breed extremely quickly, and can infest our homes before you know it, causing an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Worming your pet is always advised. Some worms can be harmful to us humans as well as your pet. Regular worming for your pets is essential and can be done alongside flea treatments. Please ask a member of our team about how often to worm your pet.


pethealthclublogo2Our Pet Health Club is a great way to spread the cost of routine worm and flea products. For a small monthly fee, you will get all of your flea and worming treatment for the year included.Click on the link to see more details Pet Health Club

Please Note: Most Flea treatments are Prescription only medications. Therefore these items will have to be checked by 2 members of our veterinary team, before they are handed to you. There may be occasions when we are unable to hand them out there and then to you, especially if we do not have 2 members of the team available.